Reverend T. S. Deacon Economos
Minister and Registered Wedding Officiant in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Traditionally there are two major reasons for marriage. Marriage provides society with the guarantee for the structured perpetuation of the human species and the assurance of some security for the caring of the offspring of that marriage. This historical framework is based on the assumption that the results of procreation, children, are the responsibility of the two individuals involved and that they are obligated to provide support for these children until which time these children are able to provide for themselves.

In modern society where child rearing is not necessarily the primary purpose for committed relationships, the institution of marriage has evolved to be a reflection and expression of two individuals desire to offer or to provide support and protection to each other. Thus, marriage is based on mutual love, affection and an abiding desire to develop a relationship that is free of loneliness and fear.

Marriage is the partnership of two human beings, each bringing to the relationship love, caring and acceptance. It is a mutually beneficial relationship based on equality and respect for each other. Neither of the partners is superior to the other and neither of the partners has any overriding power over the other. It is truly a shared experience that is both fair and mutually responsible.

Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.

~ Victor Hugo ~

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