Reverend T. S. Deacon Economos
Minister and Registered Wedding Officiant in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Commitment Ceremonies
Renewal of Vows
Life Event Ceremonies

For each of these events, I offer customized services that provide the participants the opportunity to include what they feel is important and appropriate.

Assistance and consultation is offered in researching, developing, and writing the readings, blessings, vows, and dedications.

As a non-sectarian minister, I draw from wide ranging religious and philosophical sources in order to develop meaningful ceremonies that are relevant and appropriate to the participants.

Incorporation of readings and expressions of devotion that are important or written by the participants is expected and welcomed.

Rights of Passage
mark the transitions in our lives, those moments when each of us experience significant changes that lead to a new phase of life.

Birth, Marriage, Death
- These life changing events all have profound meaning for human beings. The acknowledgement and celebration of them in ritualized ceremony is a natural human expression of the importance of these milestones of life.

The ceremonies that mark these transitions are intended to provide continuity and a sense of belonging to one's family and community. They provide the spiritual and emotional connection to the human condition and offer a means of understanding the new roles and responsibilities the transition brings to the individual.

Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.

~ Victor Hugo ~

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